Richèle Wind HAN BioCentre

HAN BioCentre opens new laboratories

With a low-key open day, HAN BioCentre celebrated the inauguration of three new laboratories this month.…

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Cherry popsicle

Hanze University of Applied Sciences investigates substances in cherry pits

The most delicious Danish wine is made from cherries and comes from the island of Lolland,…

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Plant in petri dish

New value chains through interaction between entrepreneurs and scientists

The Bio Treat Center in Venlo and the Aachen Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials will work…

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Andean Lupin promising crop in Europe 2

Andean Lupin promising crop in Europe

On the volcanic ash in Iceland, on mountain slopes in Austria and in the bone-dry, dense…

Pierre Gielen

High-end applications for plant components

High-end applications for plant components

The value and huge biodiversity of plant components have been known from time immemorial. And yet…

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Claude Grison

European Inventor Award for metal-eating plants that make green chemistry

French researcher Claude Grison has developed a method of using plants to extract metal elements from…

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Valuable components from cherry pits

Danish wine made from cherries is famous for its flavour, but leaves cherry pits as a…

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Bio-based solutions for a reliable supply chain for medicines

Scientists Ghent increase both sugar yield and biomass production in plants

To ease the industrial processing of plant biomass into energy, plants are engineered to contain less…

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8th Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress: Europe

Postillion Convention Center WTC Rotterdam, Rotterdam