Ingredient Maps

AI speeds up product development in the food industry

Clean label, less salt, fat or palm oil, more vegetable proteins, exotic flavours; the demands we…

Pierre Gielen


“New bio-based products are added every day”

The Dutch National Biobased Products Procurement Database, also known as the Biobased Products Database (BBPD), was…

Pierre Gielen

The intractable biobased procurement practice 5

The intractable biobased procurement practice

On paper, government should be able to give the biobased economy a considerable boost. However, in…

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Ingredient Maps

Ingredient Maps finds new ingredients for the food industry using AI

Processes and products in the food industry must be constantly adapted to the latest tastes and…

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Region Marne France

BIC launches search engine for regional funding opportunities

Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) is launching a database that includes a search tool for regional funding…

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Biobased inkoopdatabase

National Biobased Procurement Database is growing

The Dutch National Biobased Procurement Database has been online for several weeks now at Dozens…

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Pilotplant equipment

Pilots4U is looking for a network coordinator

The Pilots4U project team is looking for a Stakeholder Relations Manager to coordinate and further develop…

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Pilotplant equipment

Pilots4U database now online

The Pilots4U database has gone online at the and last week. It contains a Europe-wide map…

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