Master of Biobased Materials: passion and drive 1

Master of Biobased Materials: passion and drive

The first class of the Master of Biobased Materials graduated in mid-July. At the festive ceremony…

Lucien Joppen

The need for a uniform ‘yardstick’

The need for a uniform ‘yardstick’

The sustainable character of the biobased economy tends not to receive enough attention. Biomass is always…

Lucien Joppen

ARC CCBC celebrates lab opening in Utrecht

AMIBM spins ‘yarns’ from a natural source

At the start of December, AMIBM opened the doors of its renovated premises to the public.…

Kelly van Bragt


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Plasma reactor at the farm makes fertiliser from air

University of Antwerp (UAntwerp) is going to perform research into the use of plasma reactors in…

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Fibrants Caprolactam plant at Chemelot

Fibrant reduces CO2 emissions by 0.6 megatons

Chemical company Fibrant reduces annual CO2 emissions by approximately 0.6 megatons CO2 equivalent in a single…

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Precision Agriculture

Chemelot gets fertilizer plant for precision agriculture

Tessenderlo Kerley International plans to build a new plant on the Chemelot industrial estate in Geleen…

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PET bottle for recycling

Ioniqa collects € 12 million for PET recycling plant

Ioniqa, a clean-tech spinoff from the Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands), has completed a €…

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Danone and Nestlé develop 100% bio-based bottles

Ioniqa launching first PET plastic upcycling plant

Ioniqa is scaling up its technology for infinite PET plastic upcycling: the technology company is building…

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Vertoro at Brightlands Chemelot: Scaling up lignin crude 1

Vertoro at Brightlands Chemelot: Scaling up lignin crude

Michael Boot already went to the Chamber of Commerce before the summer vacation. With his company…

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