Cow in the stall

Positive EFSA opinion on methane reducing feed additive Bovaer

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) of the European Union has published its opinion on DSM`s…

Editorial office / Italy

Proton from Deep Branch

Deep Branch to scale up protein production from CO2

Deep Branch, a biotech company that has developed CO2-to-protein technology, announced it has completed an €…

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Webinar: scaling up innovations in food, feed and nutrition

Sustainability is transforming the food industry, now more than ever. A growing number of stakeholders is…

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Bioprocess Pilot Facility

Successful pilot scale production of bio-based L-alanine

DMC Biotechnologies has successfully produced its lead product, L-alanine at pilot scale at the Bioprocess Pilot…

Editorial office / Delft

Poultry farm

Innovative feed lowers social costs for livestock production

As the world population and therefore also food production continue to grow, livestock farming is under…

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AlgaEurope 2018

DSM and Evonik establish Veramaris, build $200 mio plant

DSM and Evonik have established a new company, Veramaris V.O.F., for the production of omega-3 fatty…

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