The BE-Basic Foundation (Biotechnology based Ecologically Balanced Sustainable Industrial Consortium) is an international public-private partnership that develops industrial biobased solutions to build a sustainable society.

BE-Basic Foundation develops the biobased solutions that are needed to make the switch. We aim for real implementation in industry and for embedding of these solutions in our society. This is why we collaborate. Between academia and industry, between scientists and entrepeneurs and between the Netherlands and abroad. Since only together we can build our bio-based economy.

Our mission:

“To develop industrial biobased solutions for a sustainable society”. Read more about BE-Basics’ objectives in the statement of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board.

Our ambitions:

  • building a competitive, secure and sustainable biobased economy through industrial biotechnology that is less dependent on fossil resources and with a positive global climate effect
  • monitoring ecological stresses, controlling and optimizing complex local soil and water environments through ecogenomics technologies
  • societal embedding of the products, services and processes developed by BE-Basic Foundation