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This summer, technology provider XPure relocates to the Biotech Campus Delft. XPure, which specializes in providing product and process specific purification solutions based on chromatography and ion exchange – will join the Planet ecosystem.
Editorial office / Delft

XPure is a technology partner to biotech, plant-based chemistry and food-ingredient companies, providing product and process specific purification solutions. They believe that the food ingredients and chemicals of the future will be manufactured in a sustainable way from plant based raw materials and through specific fermentation processes.

Essential step

The desired components from these processes often need to be isolated from the complex aqueous mixtures in which they are produced. Purification techniques, such as chromatography, have been around since the beginning of the 20th century, and are an essential step in downstream operations of these industrial processes.

Classic chromatography using a single column can be a lengthy and expensive process, due to an inability to perform purification continuously. XPure’s Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) technology overcomes the intermittent nature of classical chromatography by introducing more columns, thus allowing for simultaneous separation to occur.

XPure’s patented technology for continuous chromatography and ion exchange enables the isolation of desired components from such complex mixtures while improving yield and purity at lower costs.

Based on the results of several lab and industrial projects, application of XPure SMB systems can result in up to 40% reduction in the amount of resin used and buffer requirement. Productivity can be increased by 3 – 10 fold when operating in SMB mode compared to batch mode. Flexibility of XPure’s robust hardware and advanced software further help improving process yields, product titers and purity. As a result of the multiple benefits, Cost of Goods (CoGs) for chromatography/ionexchange step can be reduced by up to 60% when using XPure SMB technology.

Scale-up ecosystem

Planet is a unique scale-up ecosystem focused on industrial biotechnology. Planet is located at Biotech Campus Delft, a site with over 150 years of biotechnology history. The open innovation campus, centrally located in the Netherlands, welcomes start-ups, SMEs, tech- and service providers, corporates and knowledge institutes to further develop innovative biotech solutions, collaborate and grow together.

Planet enables companies to develop and valorize their biotech innovation and bring it up to scale, providing an ecosystem with access to lab space, pilot facilities, space for industrial production, environmental permits, mentoring opportunities and expertise.

“We are excited about the opportunities the Biotech Campus Delft offers”, says René Nanninga, Director of XPure. “It is a unique science-based business community generating solutions for today’s sustainability challenges. We are proud to become part of such a vibrant environment and look forward to contributing to the business success of companies as well as benefit from the services of others.”

Cindy Gerhardt, Director of Planet “Planet is enthusiastic about XPure’s move to the Biotech Campus Delft, because we see a clear synergy between XPure’s technology and the other biotech companies on campus. With this, XPure delivers concrete added value to the ecosystem, with knowledge and facilities to develop or improve customer-specific processes.”

Image: Biotech Campus Delft