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Recent industry figures reflect the enormous growth and economic potential of the European bioeconomy. In the last of a series of free EFIB webinars, speakers and scientists shed light on developments in the field and novel trends that lead to sustainable solutions for the industry.
Editorial office / Brussels

Bioeconomy is a major driving force towards more sustainable industrial processes. Advancing EU Green Deal objectives as well as UN Sustainability Goals will lead to further demand of bio-based innovation in different industry sectors. Many stakeholders in science and industry are developing novel technologies in the field of industrial biotechnology to help establish biological resources as alternative to fossil-based processes. In addition, biorefineries are set up to improve resource-efficiency and the usage of by-products.

Speakers during this webinar:

  • Agnes Borg, Director Industrial Biotechnology, EuropaBio
  • James Gaffey, Co-Director of the Circular Bioeconomy Research Group, Institute of Technology, Tralee (Ireland), speaking about the BIOSWITCH project which aims to bring Europe to the forefront of the bio-based economy by encouraging and supporting brand owners to switch to bio-based approaches.
  • Patrick Lorenz, VP Strategic Initiatives BioScience, BRAIN AG, speaking about “Precise fermentation – Feed the World from a fermenter?”


The EFIB dialogues on sustainability after COVID-19 is a series of monthly webinars until the 5-Day digital EFIB Conference will be held on 5-9 October 2020. EFIB is the market leading annual event in Europe for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy, organised by EuropaBio and Biocom. Readers of Agro&Chemistry can register for this event with a 15% discount with discount code EFIB2020ACR!

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Image: zffoto/Shutterstock