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The speakers at the 9th Circular Biobased Performance Materials (CBPM) Symposium of Wageningen Food & Biobased Research have been announced. On 16 June, this symposium will be held in Wageningen.
Editorial office / Wageningen

Circular Biobased Performance Materials are materials for demanding applications based on recycled or biobased raw materials. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research has been researching these materials for several years, in cooperation with the business community.

Chairman Jan Noordegraaf, independent advisor and board member of NRK (Dutch Rubber and Plastics Industry) starts the symposium with a keynote speech on establishing an impartial monetary comparison for true cost of most used oil-based and bio-based polymers.

After this, several speakers will discuss biobased raw materials for new chemicals and materials, including Edwin Hamoen, Johan van Groenestijn and Rolf Blaauw (WUR), Olaf van Baal (Cosun Beet Company) and Ed de Jong (Avantium). The second session is about renewables and consumer products, with Sarah Hosking (Unilever), Martina Opietnik (Lenzing Group), Martin Kruisweg (Plantics) and Karin Molenveld (WUR). During the last session, circular materials are the focus in presentations by Vaassen Flexible Packaging tbc and Wouter Post (WUR).

The symposium will be concluded with drinks and the opportunity to network. For more information, the complete program and registration options, please check the agenda.

Image: Wageningen Food&Biobased Research