Broad focus on biopolymers

Broad focus on biopolymers

‘The Biopolymer Application Centre is intended to bring biopolymers in a general sense to the attention…

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Plastic waste ready for recycling

Scorecard for determining sustainability of circular plastic packaging

Circularity and sustainability are sometimes mentioned in the same breath, but certainly do not mean the…

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Hand with coconut husk fibres

Glueless biobased building boards from pruning waste

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research in The Netherlands has developed a Binderless technology to make building…

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Asphalt with lignin test road construction

Biobased asphalt with lignin can cut emissions up to 60%

The Dutch asphalt sector can reduce emissions by 30% to 60% by using biobased asphalt in…

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Bioasphalt with lignin

Can asphalt production become more sustainable?

Whether we drive on diesel or solar power, we cannot do without asphalt. However, the long…

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Fermentation equipment

Fermentation as key technology for the circular economy

Chemicals and materials from renewable raw materials, such as biomass, will become increasingly important in the…

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Demolishing a concrete building

Biobased chemicals may lead to a breakthrough in cement recycling

The production of concrete causes 7% of total global CO2 emissions. These emissions can be significantly…

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