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The first industrial Battolyser system has been installed at RWE's Eemshaven power plant in the Northern Netherlands. The Battolyser combines electrolysis with electricity storage. This allows it to produce green hydrogen using solar and wind energy when electricity prices are low and supply electricity to the grid when prices rise.
Editorial office / Eemshaven

The flexible technology was developed at the Technical University of Delft and is more economically attractive than conventional electrolysers. Moreover, thanks to energy storage, the Battolyser can provide a solution to grid congestion.

The system’s ability to continuously supply hydrogen also makes it suitable for producing ammonia, methanol and other processes such as DRI, or direct reduction of iron. An additional advantage of the technology is that it uses metals that are not rare (nickel and iron).

Battolyser Systems last year announced plans to build a large-scale green hydrogen production facility with an electrolysis capacity of 1GW at the Port of Rotterdam. This should be operational by 2024. The final investment decision will follow later this year.

Image: Battolyser Systems/YouTube