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Producers of biobased products in The Netherlands have immediate access to the supplier portal on the platform. There, they can add biobased products and materials to the National Biobased Products Database in accordance with the criteria drawn up by the independent editorial board. When the platform is launched this spring, the entire biobased portfolio will come to the attention of buyers in government and other organisations. By using bio-based products, they can meet their sustainable purchasing objectives.
Editorial office / Breda

The new database answers many questions of purchasers. When is a product biobased? What is it made of? What is available in the specific purchasing categories? How can I compare different products and materials based on their sustainability characteristics?

Purchasing potential

Several provinces and other authorities have already joined the project. They have expressed their intention to use the platform as a procurement tool after its launch. They are also contributing financially to the development of the platform. Thus, they represent an enormous purchasing potential for producers who showcase their biobased portfolio on

Besides the actual product database, purchasers will also find background information on, for example, developments in biobased applications and the process of sustainable procurement. For this, the platform partners work together with various knowledge partners, including Agro&Chemistry. This is another opportunity for producers to introduce buyers to their bio-based products and materials.

Launching in the spring

Producers are already getting acquainted with the platform and are adding their biobased products and materials for publication. Participation is free of charge. In addition to product information, producers will also create a company page to inform buyers about their organisation and contact options. Soon, the platform will be officially launched and the products will come to the attention of governments, companies and other organisations. An excellent showcase for your biobased portfolio.

Are you interested in joining as a producer or purchaser? Go to and register immediately! For more information about the project, please contact Bas Koebrugge of Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy at or 088-5255754.

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