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Compostable disposables in food service still form a relatively small market, but certainly one with prospects for the future. Out-of-home consumption is rising again, and market parties are looking for more sustainable alternatives to standard materials such as PE and PP.
Editorial office / Brussels

The European market for (industrially compostable) ‘biodegradable food service disposables’ in 2015 amounted to no less than one billion US dollars (converted to 2017 currency: 900 million euros). According to Persistence Market Research (PMR) which supplied this data, this market will grow in Europe with a CAGR of 5.5 percent, resulting in a turnover in 2022 of approximately 1.4 billion dollars. The above market is segmented into plates, trays/containers, cutlery, cups/dishes and the so-called clam shells (editor’s note: container with the lid attached to the container and which can flip shut). The largest segment as regards turnover is concerned is formed by the cups/dishes, with a share of 33.7 percent. PMR expects that this segment will dominate the biodegradable disposable market (BDM) in the coming five years.