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The urgency for the deployment of low carbon and renewable fuels is greater than ever. At the same time the maritime sector has never before faced so many obstacles and barriers to deploy innovative technologies into the various markets for low carbon products and services. Especially recent developments in Ukraine have increased the reliance on fossil fuels and uncertainties as to whether the decarbonisation goals will be met.
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In the context of all these uncertainties and disorders, the opportunities for low carbon and renewable fuels to play a central role in the decarbonisation strategies of all nations are even greater.

The EU-Shipping-BCE: The role of Low Carbon Fuels in Decarbonising Maritime Transport conference has been designed with the goal of addressing the opportunities and obstacles in a coherent and realistic manner, aiming to allow the stakeholders to design appropriate decarbonisation strategies for their maritime operations.

The conference will be held from 19-21 September 2022 in the Port of Piraeus, Athens (Greece).

See the agenda for more information.

Image: Ververidis Vasilis/Shutterstock