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Leaf Resources announced a collaboration with Novozymes, the world’s largest producer of industrial enzymes, to further increase the yields and efficiency associated with Leaf Resources’ innovative biomass conversion technology.
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Leaf Resources’ patented biomass pretreatment process- GLYCELL – is an innovative, high-yield route to clean, economical cellulosic sugars. This technology operates at low temperature and pressure, and uses crude glycerin as a low cost, recyclable reagent.

The process efficiently deconstructs plant biomass and produces a high-yield of high-quality, concentrated cellulose and hemicellulose sugars, which in turn enables cost competitive production of renewable chemicals.

As part of the collaboration, Novozymes will use its expertise in biotechnology to customize its broad portfolio of robust, high-yielding enzymes to the GLYCELL process. The goal of the collaboration is to design a highly tailored enzyme package that allows the GLYCELL process to achieve superior performance, quality, and reliability for the production of high-value renewable chemicals.

Leaf and its development partner, Claeris, LLC, will then incorporate Novozymes’ tailored enzyme package into the biomass pretreatment section of integrated biorefineries.