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Not organic farming, but greening conventional agriculture is the solution to maintaining both the climate and food production. This is what the agricultural economist and Emeritus Professor Herbert Ströbel says in an interview with the German platform Agrar Heute.
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Ströbel has been involved in German and international agricultural development since the 1970s and was active in various international development and research projects. He states that the yield of organic farming is only half of that of conventional farming. This means that for the same amount of crop, either twice as much land is needed or food will have to be imported. This results in additional greenhouse gas emissions, inefficient land use and a decline in biodiversity.

“It makes it clear that organic farming is not a problem solver, but rather contributes to exacerbating the climate crisis with the globally limited arable land and jeopardises global food security.” Ströbel therefore argues that various ideologically motivated subsidies for organic cultivation would be better spent on promoting the further greening of conventional agriculture.

Read the full interview in Agrar Heute (German).

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