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The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) calls in a paper for a continued partnership with the European Commission under the new EU Research & Innovation Framework programme (FP9).
Editorial office / Bruxelles

BIC asks for a continuation of the current BBI JU (a “BBI 2.0.”) because:

  • Funding from the BBI JU is crucial in order to turn research into innovation and deployment in Europe and thus to develop a competitive European bioeconomy.
  • BBI JU brings together different sectors and entire value chains, mobilising the relevant stakeholders, ranging from SMEs to large companies, from resource & technology providers to brand owners.

According to BIC the BBI JU is an important pillar of Europe’s bioeconomy strategy, playing a key role in creating markets for bio-based products and enabling a sustainable bio-based circular economy. A commitment to the bioeconomy will undoubtedly be a useful tool for the Internal Market, exportable to the rest of the world, which will bring clear benefits to more than 500 million European consumers.

‘The BBI JU has created unique opportunities for public and private researchers to collaborate, access new knowledge and secure financing of projects’, writes BIC in it’s paper.  ‘BBI JU instigates multidisciplinary research & development, and stimulates new cross-sector interconnections, organizing partners along new bio-based value chains, ranging from agriculture, energy, aquatic sector to automotive and construction; food & feed additives, forestry, health, home & personal care, pulp & paper, packaging, pharmaceutical, textiles.’

Read the full paper for more information.