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The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF) announces today (14 April) its equity investment in Aphea.Bio, which thereby brings its Series B financing to a total of € 18 million. Aphea.Bio develops a new generation of agro-biologicals based on natural microorganisms.
Editorial office / Luxembourg

By harnessing the power of the plant microbiome, the Belgian company based in Ghent helps to reduce fertilizer application (biostimulants) and control fungal diseases (biocontrol agents) in row crops such as maize and wheat. The company has an innovative discovery platform that bundles several proprietary technologies to analyze its microbial collections and identify beneficial microbial strains amongst a multitude of microorganisms present in nature. The substitution of chemical substances with natural alternatives will allow the transition to a more sustainable agriculture.

ECBF invests in and supports entrepreneurs and technologies that advance Europe’s transition to a more sustainable economy. Aphea.Bio is a perfect fit with this thesis and ambition. It was founded as a spin-off of VIB (Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie), Ghent University and KU Leuven in 2016. “Together with ECBF, through their experience, know-how and network, Aphea.Bio is well-positioned to advance its product portfolio towards regulatory approval and first commercial launch,” said Dr. Isabel Vercauteren, CEO of Aphea.

Image: Han maomin/Shutterstock