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The German Cluster for Industrial Biotechnology CLIB is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.
Editorial office / Düsseldorf

In 2007, 37 organisations joined forces to form an association with the idea of “making an important contribution to the transformation of the chemical industry” through industrial biotechnology. They applied for the BioIndustrie 2021 competition with a portfolio of more than 30 project outlines and got funding in 2008. Eventually, 26 collaborative projects were carried out in the following years, which included a funding volume of more than 20 million euros. These projects and actors then in turn formed the cluster core, from which further projects and activities emerged over the years.

Like its members, CLIB has constantly evolved during the years and will continue to do so. The ambition to transform the chemical industry has lost none of its relevance since, and is perhaps even more urgent today than ever before.

See CLIB’s website for more information.

Image: jittawit21/Shutterstock