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Carbiolice, a French start-up developing and producing biobased, biodegradable and compostable plastic solutions has joined forces with agricultural film manufacturer Barbier Group to develop a new PLA-based mulch film.
Editorial office / Riom

Carbiolice has produced an enzymatic additive called Evanesto that, when added to PLA compounds during the converting process, enables PLA to biodegrade at ambient temperatures, considerably speeding up the biodegradation process of the PLA at the end of life, the firm said. Evanesto is composed of enzymes that act as catalysers, to trigger the disintegration of the plastic so that it can be assimilated more quickly by the compost’s microorganisms.

The additive is based on a heat-protected enzyme produced by Carbiolice’s partner, Novozymes, and remains inactive throughout the product’s useful life.

Together the companies aim to create a new type of biodegradable mulch film with a higher content of bio-based plastics (PLA), containing the Evanesto additive. Current films contain a limited concentration of PLA. Adding Evanesto, enables a PLA content of 20% to be achieved, increasing the ratio of renewable resources and extending the lifespan, while remaining biodegradable in soil.

Image: RGtimeline/Shutterstock