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For a long time, the LP seemed a relic from the age of fossils, but in 2022, more music lovers than ever are devoted to 'vinyl'. In fact, the LP is so popular that the record presses cannot keep up with demand. Time for a green LP', Evolution Music, a collective of the British music industry and sustainability experts, decided.
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In the summer of this year, the collective wants records to be pressed with bioplastic instead of oil-based PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The intention is that the green records can be produced with the current standard machines and tools.

In order to actually produce the bioplastic album in large volumes, the collective thinks it will need about £500,000. It is therefore looking for investors (minimum deposit £10,000). A crowdfunding campaign will also be launched in June.

“We want the solutions to be owned by concerned and proactive music fans and artists who want to be part of creating the evolution to sustainable materials, products and manufacturing processes,” Evolution Music states.

Image: Thomas Bethge/Shutterstock