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Avantium has completed successful application testing of its plant glycols plantMEG™ and plantMPG™ in Delfzijl. This resulted in the production of 100% plant-based PEF from Avantium's monomers FDCA (furanic acid) and plantMEG. Relevant functional properties of plantMEG and plantMPG have also been demonstrated in de-icing fluids, which are used for de-icing aircraft at airports.
Editorial office / Delfzijl

The Ray Technology™ demonstration plant in Delfzijl was commissioned in 2020 to perform process steps in the conversion of industrial sugars to glycols. This enables the production of plantMEG and plantMPG samples that are representative of the final product of subsequent commercial-scale plants. Both plantMEG and plantMPG are expected to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to their fossil fuel-based equivalents.

“This application validation paves the way for future licensees of the Ray Technology™ to address the growing demand for plant-based, renewable and recyclable materials,” said Zanna McFerson, managing director of Renewable Chemistries at Avantium.

Image: Quinn Martin/Shutterstock