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As of 1 January 2017, Applied Polymer Innovations (API) in Emmen is continuing its activities under the name Senbis Polymer Innovations. Co-owner Gerard Nijhoving sees a multitude of opportunities for the company. ‘Our team of eight specialists share a wealth of experience in polymer chemistry. We also have an extensive polymer laboratory and pilot plant facilities.’
Editorial office / Emmen

The API Institute emerged in 2009 from the former research and development department of Diolen Industrial Fibers in Emmen. The producer of industrial yarns, among other things, had various owners, including Enka, AkzoNobel and investment company CVC Capital Partners, before it went into liquidation in 2008. ‘However, the R&D department of Diolen Industrial Fibers saw opportunities for continuing independently,’ says Gerard Nijhoving, who runs the new company together with technical director Bas Krins. ‘This specialist background meant there was a lot of demand for research and laboratory facilities in the field of industrial yarns, but also in polymerisation. We have received more and more enquiries about biopolymers over the past few years.’

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