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The Green Chemistry Campus has published a 3D animation of the TNO Biorizon Biomass to Bio-Aromatics Lab, which is located in the demo facility of the campus in Bergen op Zoom.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

The Biorizon Shared Research Center is an initiative of TNO, VITO and ECN part of TNO. Together with the industry, Biorizon is researching how aromatics can be extracted from biomass residual streams, such as vegetable, fruit and garden waste. No less than 40% of all chemicals are aromatic in nature, so the potential for greening is huge. Currently, most aromatics are extracted from petroleum.

In the 360 ​​degree presentation, everyone can virtually walk around the lab, using a normal computer screen or virtual reality glasses. The following devices can be seen:

  • Biphasic Reactor for the continuous conversion of solutions of lignocellulose sugar into furanic intermediates;
  • Multi-Purpose Batch Reactor: a flexible reactor with an integrated filtration unit, to prepare a variety of bio-aromatic samples;
  • Condensation skid: a continuous reactor for corrosive reactions, mainly used to prepare furanic intermediates;
  • Continuous Flow Diels-Alder Skid (shown above): a continuous reactor for bio-aromatics / precursor production on a scale of several kilograms per day.

The animation can be found on the website of the Green Chemistry Campus.