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HempFlax, Europe's largest independent hemp grower and processor, has had a banner year. The annual results for 2020 show that the company based in the Northern Netherlands saw revenues increase by 43% to €14.5 million.
Editorial office / Oude Pekela

HempFlax uses the hemp plant to produce durable car parts (for Bugatti and Porsche), building materials, animal bedding and the natural painkiller CBD (much of which is supplied to Holland & Barrett). The company also developed a new combine harvester, which separates the flower, stem and seeds from hemp. The machine is especially popular with farmers in the US.

In 2020, HempFlax acquired German insulation materials manufacturer Thermo Natur and launched its new building supplies division.

“We have spent 25 years making hemp a profitable business,” says Mark Reinders, CEO of HempFlax. “Through consistent investment and intensive learning, HempFlax has been able to establish a vertically integrated supply chain that can produce natural products that rival unsustainable alternatives in a range of industries from construction and automotive to animal care. 2020 marks the fourth year that HempFlax has grown profitably, and trading since the start of the year indicates that this success will continue in 2021.”

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Image: Hempflax