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The world of the circular biobased economy has grown from a niche market to a broad, knowledge-driven industry in which major innovative players are active and enormous commercial interests are at stake. This calls for a broader view and a faster and more varied range of news. That is why Agro&Chemistry will go completely digital in 2021.

The printed magazine makes way for a digital publication, which means that we are no longer bound by a limited number of fixed publication dates and will be better able to respond to current events.

We can also focus more intensively on creating other types of content, more video, more frequent articles and a greater reach on social media channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Agro&Chemistry will remain the platform for the circular biobased economy in Europe in 2021, with a focus on the Netherlands and Flanders.

Read more about our new activities below.

Agro&Chemistry LinkedIn Group

Social Media
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In line with the new strategy to build more dialogue, reach and presence on social media, Agro & Chemistry has started its own LinkedIn Group. The group existed for some time but is now becoming an interactive channel for sharing information, announcements, videos and opinions.

All participants can post information in this group. This will eventually make it evolve into a central platform within the biobased community in the Netherlands, Flanders and the rest of Europe.

Grab the opportunity, become a member of Agro&Chemistry on LinkedIn and start sharing with professionals in the biobased economy.

Online video

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The use and popularity of online video have grown strongly in recent years. In Agro&Chemistry, we also want to show more easily accessible video content, whether or not linked to news or articles and social media.

Possible formats include substantive interviews, visions, explanations of complex processes or impressions of meetings, which are currently only accessible to a limited number of participants.

Learn more about the possibilities for video on our platform: contact Etienne Victoria, manager of Agro&Chemistry.

Dutch Database of Biobased Products

Dutch Database of Biobased Products
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A special activity in which Agro&Chemistry is involved is the new Dutch Database of Biobased Products, set up in cooperation with the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy and Circular Biobased Delta. It is an independent initiative, supported by the provinces of Zeeland, Overijssel, Brabant and Noord-Holland.

Procurement officials from large and small organizations will be able to use this database to meet social responsibilty targets by selecting certified biobased solutions as renewable alternatives for traditional products.

An independent Editorial Board is being set up, in which experts from Dutch universities of applied sciences and the NEN Institute are represented, together with content experts per product category. They ensure that the information in the database is clear and recognizable, and complies with international definitions and standards.

In addition to the actual database, a digital environment will be set up where buyers can find background information about, for example, developments in biobased applications and the process of sustainable procurement. To this end, there is collaboration with the PIANOo Procurement Expertise Center.

The database will be launched after the summer of 2021. Dutch producers are invited to include their range of biobased materials and products in the database.

For more information about the Database of Biobased Products, please contact Etienne Victoria, manager of Agro&Chemistry.

Agro&Chemistry shares content in the biobased economy through multiple channels.

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