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The future is alive and green. This is shown at SYMBIOSIS Festival on the 19th of November in Blue City Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Here, you can discover what a world in which we collaborate with nature looks like, join to meet and mingle with bioneers (pioneers in biodesign) and supporters of bioneership from a variety of disciplines. Make plans, test knowledge and share your questions and needs with investors, each other and potential partners.

Collaborations between organisms, algae, fungi and bacteria, plants and animals can lead to regenerative products and services such as biobased homes with a green roof, algae farms on wet peat soils and bacterial wall paint that you can use to charge your phone. The future is alive and green, and that future requires collaboration.

BlueCity Lab stages bio solutions from her entire ecosystem which use wet and dry processes, such as fermenting, 3d printing and extractions to make circular solutions. The ecosystem around this Lab meets up during talks, workshops, matchmaking events for funding and collaborations, storytelling, sharing research methods and opportunities for projects.

There will also be a matchmaking & networking event. You will need a coronavirus entry pass to attend.