Mansuy Rocquin (Decathlon) during the Biorizon year event 2022

‘Bio-aromatics can make sportswear more sustainable’

Customers of outdoor sports brand Decathlon spend a lot of their time in nature. Sustainability is…

Pierre Gielen


Coated textile

BioNIPU makes bio-based, non-toxic PU for textile coatings and elastomers

Polyurethane (PU) is a versatile polymer that has many applications, for example in coatings for the…

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Black yeast

Italian student team wins BISC-E 2022 with rubber from yeast

Team GENAB from Italy has won the 2022 edition of BIC’s European Biobased Student Innovation Challenge…

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Field of Dandelions

Keygene conducts follow-up research into rubber from dandelions

A consortium around biotechnology company KeyGene in Wageningen has been awarded a subsidy of over €…

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Practice-oriented research into real biobased products

Reducing sound and vibrations in railway systems

In order to limit vibrations and noise pollution, train and tram rails at level crossings are…

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Recycling scrap tires to cow mattresses

Recycling scrap tires to cow mattresses

With VESTENAMER®, Evonik helps close the materials cycle for rubber—sustainably. This unique process additive allows scrap…

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Researchers invent process to make sustainable rubber, plastics

Researchers invent process to make sustainable rubber, plastics

Synthetic rubber and plastics – used for manufacturing tires, toys and myriad other products – are…

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