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Paint made from waste concrete captures and stores CO2

London and Seoul based designer Kukbong Kim developed a paint made from waste concrete powder, leftover…

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Bio-aromatics company Relement secures first capital investment

Relement BV has raised their first capital investment from the TTT Smart Industries Fund that is…

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Paint cans

Superior bio-coatings from seaweed residues

The new ZCORE project has started at Biorizon last week. The project aims to demonstrate that…

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Renmatix factory

New biobased additives for paint and construction

AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals and Renmatix, a leader in the global plant-based technology movement, will jointly develop…

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'Acrylate is becoming greener'

‘Acrylate is becoming greener’

Water-based paint based on acrylates is not necessarily sustainable, since the chemical building blocks for this…

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Fraunhofer develops biobased coatings from potato starch

Fraunhofer develops biobased coatings from potato starch

In the near future, indoor aluminum surfaces can be cost-effectively coated with biobased paints. The Fraunhofer…

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