Coal fired power station

Global coal fleet shrinking for first time

The world’s fleet of coal-fired power stations has got smaller for the first time on record,…

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Smoking chimney

Over € 8 billion in public money spent each year on fossil industry

The Dutch government subsidizes large fossil fuel companies with € 8.3 billion per year for the…

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Classic cars at a gasoline station

Fossil fuels heavily funded in Europe

Fossil fuels received a total of € 55 billion in public funding across the EU in…

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Windmill in rural landscape

Biomass takes up 1,000x more space than fossil energy

The production of electric power from biomass takes up the most space of all energy sources…

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Lignite excavator in Germany

EU generates more electricity from renewables than coal

In 2017, wind, sun and biomass, in the European Union have for the first time generated…

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