Dutch protein plant ENOUGH starts production in October

ENOUGH will open a production facility in Sas van Gent, Zeeland, from October, adding additional capacity…

Editorial office / Sas van Gent

Fermentation tanks

Tetra Pak collaborates with Mycorena on meat substitutes

Tetra Pak will develop a fungal fermentation production facility together with Swedish food producer Mycorena to…

Editorial office / Lausanne

Man in white coat looks at meat substitute in petri dish in lab

“New ingredients needed for plant-based meat analogues”

There is a need to use a broader range of crops as protein source for vegetable…

Editorial office / Wageningen

Market for alternative proteins growing strongly

Market for alternative proteins growing strongly

Consumers are increasingly eating alternative proteins based on plants, micro-organisms and animal cells. This market is…

Editorial office / London

Crispy hot bacon

Taste tests with hybrid bacon from the lab

Meat lovers who have ever tasted 'vegetarian bacon' will conclude that in a sustainable plant-based society…

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