Coatings and cosmetics from French sunflowers

Coatings and cosmetics from French sunflowers

The oleochemical company Oleon from Ertvelde has built a new plant to produce biobased building blocks…

Pierre Gielen


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Man working in lab

Alteqo produces biobased solvents in Delfzijl

Alteqo has opened a production facility in Chemical Park Delfzijl (the Northern Netherlands) that can produce…

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Neste may build next biorefinery in Rotterdam

New Neste biofuel factory definitely located in Rotterdam

Neste, the Finnish manufacturer of renewable fuels, has made a final investment decision to build a…

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Cargill builds $ 150 million biodiesel plant in Ghent

Cargill will build a new waste and residue-based biodiesel plant in Ghent, in addition to the…

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Setra Group's Kastet sawmill in Gävle, Sweden

BTG-BTL makes Swedish cars run on sawdust

Thanks to a Dutch invention, cars in Sweden will soon be powered by a fuel made…

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Agriculture uses more diesel for mechanical weeds control

Agriculture uses more diesel for mechanical weeds control

Agricultural land is increasingly being processed mechanically to remove weeds. This is a consequence of stricter…

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Yeast cells under the microscope

Austrian researchers turn baker’s yeast into biodiesel

In the near future, cars and trucks may well run on climate-neutral biodiesel made from yeast.…

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