Nature House Ballast Nedam

Carbon credits trade for biobased building started in the Netherlands

Ballast Nedam Development in the Netherlands is the first construction and development company in the world…

Editorial office / Amsterdam

CBCI Living Lab

Interreg project on circular bio-based construction completed

The European Interreg 2 Seas project on biobased construction Circular Biobased Construction Industry (CBCI) has been…

Editorial office / Breda

Green Deal Timber Building

Transition to timber building unstoppable

Contractor BAM is going to build a factory for wooden houses in The Netherlands. From 2025…

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Cattail (Typha)

German-Dutch practical research into biobased building materials

Cattail (Typha) and wood wool comprise the walls of the new biobased modular house that the…

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Agro-based Tiny House Emmenhouse building

Agro-based Tiny House overcomes thresholds for biobased house building

With the opening of the 'agro-based' Tiny House in Emmen, the Interreg VA project 'Biobased House…