The province of Drenthe is the green chemport of Europe and part of the initiative ‘Chemport Europe’. The focus in Drenthe lies on high-tech developments and production of (green) polymers, composites, fibres and threads. And with result. Drenthe has been selected by the EU as demo region for biobased green chemistry.

Furthermore with 120 ha the Emmtec Industry & Business Park, in the city of Emmen, is one of the largest chemical level 6 areas of the Netherlands. Emmen itself is the largest industrial centre of the North of the Netherlands. It makes Drenthe number 1 in Europe when it concerns (green) fibre chemistry.

In Drenthe, investments are made into start-up businesses, the quality of entrepreneurship, achieving growth ambitions and a good financial environment. Bureaucratic procedures are minimalised and the government actively thinks and works with entrepreneurs. Drenthe has a strong industrial base with many possibilities for HTSM (High-tech systems and materials) and biobased manufacturing. Particularly when it concerns green fibre chemistry.

Drenthe entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions excel in knowledge, innovation and research around green plastics. Furthermore there are short lines with universities from the Netherlands and cross-border cooperation with Germany is self-evident. What is developed here is trail-blazing. Cycle tracks and bascule bridges from bio-composites, polyester without petroleum, biodegradable trim line, biobased plastics for the furniture industry and innovation on innovation with regard to solutions in 3D printing technology. Do you want to successfully do business in the green fibre chemistry sector? Drenthe increases your opportunities!