SMEs play an important role in innovation. Innovations which are necessary to change the Netherlands into a sustainable society. In the existing maze of funding schemes and partnerships it can be a challenge for SMEs to realize their innovation ambitions. InnovatieLink helps SMEs in the chemical, energy and biobased sectors with their questions and problems on their way from concept to market. With clear, practical support, with an Innovation Atlas (InnovatieAtlas) and a Funding Atlas (FinancieringsAtlas) we offer a useful insight into networks and funding.

We match demand and supply in innovation. With this InnovatieLink lives up to its mission: a healthy innovation climate in the chemical, energy and biobased sectors.

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It is our basic principle to use the power of the SMEs themselves. Pragmatic, passionate and with ample expertise in the field; our people are continuously looking for knowledge that adds value for SMEs. With a no-nonsense approach we establish connections, answer questions and address bottlenecks. By working with a regular core team and a flexible layer of professionals we are at our best as a network organisation for establishing the right connections with investors, knowledge partners, policy makers, locations and other businesses.

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