Greenlincs is a platform for initiatives, innovation and partnerships in the AgriFood-sector and the Biobased Economy in the northern Netherlands. Economic these are promising industries. Greenlincs stands for green business and a green future, Good ideas and new participants are always welcome.

The green power

All ingerediĆ«nts are there to transform the northern Netherlands into a biobased region at a European top level. Why? Because we combine a strong AgriFood-sector with a innovative chemical industry. In the last few years the chemical industry made a transition to a more green chemistry. That’s chemistry based on biobased raw materials instead of oil and gas. It is the agricultural industy that’s the supplier of those green raw materials. That offers the region big opportunities.


Business, research and education

The same goes for the Foodsector, where new knowledge of old raw materials creates new possibilities. We’ve got entrepeneurial companies – from SME to international businesses – and a few strong research institutes present to make this into a succes.

The research and application of new possibilities of green materials, that’s the world of the Biobased Economy and green chemistry. A dynamic world in which new inventions are made everyday.

Greenlincs: for who?

Greenlincs is the platform where green knowledge and new business meets. In the first place for the AgriFood-sector and the Biobased Economy in the northern Netherlands. Green chemisty plays a significant role in this. Cross-over projects with Water, Energy, Health en Life Sciences also have our attention.

Greenlincs supports green and biobased ideas from innovative entrepeneurs:

You work in the agricultural sector and are looking for new collaboration possibilities that the chemical sector has to offer?

You are active in the chemical sector and want to start using green raw materials?

You’ve got a company in the foodsector and you’ve got a cross-over idea?

You represent a knowledge institute that offers opportunities for applied research?

You’re working in education and have got a detailed plan for educational opportunities for agricultural-, food- and chemistry-students?