the Bio Cooperative

Enabling Bio Business

The Bio-cooperative is a collaboration between – now 20 – (mainly SMEs) companies, established in September 2016. It has a clear objective: to generate more business for and by bio-economy entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands.

More specific objectives of the Bio Cooperative are:

  • to strengthen economic activity in the Northern Netherlands
  • to increase the innovation capacity of its members
  • to promote operational cooperation between its members
  • to increase the participation of members in policy, research and education programs.

The Bio Cooperative is a vehicle for its members to come to the development of projects, the creation of new collaborations, the deployment of knowledge developments between companies, the lobbying of regional, national and international governments and the better alignment of the current themes of members with (regional) knowledge institutions.

We work along four programs alignments:

  • driving business
  • human capital
  • lobbying
  • marketing & acquisition