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'One of the key success factors in the biobased economy is to source biomass in a sustainable manner. The key is generate more biomass, both food and non-food, with less production means, without exhausting the soil.'
Editorial office / Italy

Alberto Piaggesi, global R&D-director at Valagro, emphasizes the role of ‘his’ company in a vital agriculture. ‘We develop and produce solutions for the nutrition and wellbeing of plants. These products are biostimulants, micronutrients, foliar fertilizers, fertigators and other products. Compared to traditional suppliers, our route is different: it is not only about nutrition, but also about regulating the plant’s metabolism and physiology via our biostimulants. This way, we can positively influence the development and productivity of the crop. For example, stimulate root growth and efficiency so the plant can more easily ‘drink’ and take up nutrients from the soil.

According to Piaggesi, crops for the future need to be more resistant to stress and be more productive. For example, drought, as a result of climate change, will place considerable stress on plant growth and productivity. In some cases, an increased application of water and fertilizers is not enough to face the problem. Our products ensure plant growth and productivity without adding more fertilizers, ensuring crops stress reduction, better nutrient use efficiency, productivity and quality. Already now, we are able to reduce fertilizer use by a factor 100. Ultimately, this is the way to go in agriculture and the biobased economy.’

Albert Piaggesi will be one of key speakers at Biobased Industry 2017, which will take April 6th in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.