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From 3-7 april Green Power Academy organizes The Renewable Energy Mini-MBA.
Editorial office / London

The course is designed to provide clear, independent and business-focused guidance on market opportunity and risk to those deploying, investing in or regulating renewable power projects. It is presented in language suited to non-engineering commercial executives and investors, so no prior knowledge is assumed or required. Presented throughout in an interactive and market-focused way, the course will connect the multi-faceted and multi-scale factors that must align in order that renewable power scale up and integrate, from the market and system environment to the project business cases, risks and returns.


The course will be given by dr John Massey. He is a respected energy business analyst & trainer with over 25 years’ commercial experience in industry research, analysis, intelligence and training; plus an outstanding academic background in both natural sciences and economics. His business experience has spanned both the energy and telecoms/IT industries, providing an informed perspective on how convergence of the two into a smarter system will bring major change to the way electricity is generated, distributed and consumed.

Green Power Academy

Green Power Academy was launched in 2008 in order to address the shortfall in basic market information for organisations and individuals involved within the renewable energy industry. Since 2008 they’ve have trained more than 1,500 professionals across the global renewable energy space

For more information and the full programm: The Renewable Energy Mini-MBA