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The decision has been made. On 30 March, the construction of the Bio Treat Center at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo was launched. This will be the first centre in the Netherlands where the business community, in conjunction with knowledge and research institutes, will scale up its technologies in the area of biomass value creation.
Editorial office / Venlo

Pretreatment is an essential step to prepare the often recalcitrant biomass for the downstream processing stage. Certain components have to be exposed in a way that ensures satisfactory quality and volume for making a business case. Currently this technology is still seldom used in the pretreatment phase. That is why the BTC has been set up with companies which have varied processes. What is more, the BTC prefers to set up projects which involve the entire value chain: from end customer to the supplier of the raw material. The demand of the customer is leading: let’s say from customer to plant.