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‘Development of a campus on the Chemelot grounds (editor’s note: Brightlands Chemelot Campus) went faster than we originally thought. We reached a major milestone with the opening of the Center Court in mid November, but this is certainly not the only one.’
Editorial office / Geleen

Switching over

Emmo Meijer, standard bearer for Source B among other things, was involved in paving the way for an open innovative campus on the DSM grounds in Geleen around the turn of the century.

‘At the time I was working as Research Manager at DSM. DSM decided to divest itself of certain activities in the short to medium term. This meant that other parties would set up on the premises and would also want to use the facilities, such as R&D laboratories. This became a reality when the polymer business was sold to Sabic in 2002. The coming of this “odd man out” signified a change in mentality at the same time. It was no longer purely DSM, but a site where other businesses could establish themselves. That is also why the name was changed earlier from DSM Research to Chemelot.’

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