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Finances are often a bottleneck for bioeconomy start-ups that want to scale up. Investors are indispensable. But how to find them? Two sustainable funds presented themselves during the members meeting (BUM meeting) of the Dutch Platform Bio-economie (PBE) in June 2021.
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To be able to grow from the lab phase to a pilot plant, demonstration plant and eventually to commercial operation, cooperation is necessary: with knowledge partners and companies in the chain, specialists in the field of, for example, permits and subsidies, but also with investors.

However, scaling up technology that has only been proven in the lab is expensive and risky. Not least because making innovations marketable often takes more time and effort than initially anticipated. As a result, traditional financiers, such as banks, are reluctant and investors who know what the circular bio-economy entails are needed. Two names keep popping up: the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF) and SHIFT Invest.

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Image: Miha Creative/Shutterstock