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Algae have become a multi-billion sector in terms of biotechnology development that is expected to grow rapidly, providing valuable goods and services in multiple applications. The annual AlgaEurope conference provides an overview of current developments.
Editorial office / Rome

AlgaEurope is one of the most global compressive conferences about science, technology and business in the Algae Biomass sector. One of the key success factors AlgaEurope is the close cooperation between EABA – European Algae Biomass Association and DLG Benelux.


The forthcoming edition of the AlgaEurope conference will once again be held in a digital format. Initially the conference was scheduled to take place in Rome, Italy, but since there are still many uncertainties with regards to the Covid-19 situation and international traveling the organizers have decided in an early stage to host the conference online.

The last edition of AlgaEurope, which took place online from 1-4 December 2020 welcomed 265 delegates and 188 organisations from 41 countries, in addition some 200 abstracts were submitted. The organisers are committed to attract even more delegates and organisations to the coming edition in December.

The planning is that AlgaEurope 2022 will be held in a live and online format in Rome.

More details on the program will be released shortly, more information about the AlgaEurope conference can be found in the agenda.

Image: Ye.Maltsev/Shutterstock