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Biotechgate, a global life sciences data source, has launched a digital 3-day partnering event from May 18-20, together with HollandBIO and over 20 Biotech Associations and Economic development agencies to support life science companies.

HollandBIO members can upgrade to a premium partnering account for free, unlocking an unlimited number of meetings, search for assets, financing rounds and management and access to partnering after the conference. Look for this on the HollandBIO website.

Biotechgate Digital Partnering:

  • Time: 18th to 20th May (Monday to Wednesday)
  • Place: virtual, across all time zones (6am to midnight, London time)
  • Theme: Business Development for Life Sciences
  • Participants: global, Biotechgate partner members, Biotechgate subscribers and companies listed in Biotechgate.

More information can be found on the Biotechgate website.

Image: jamesteohart/Shutterstock