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The All Island Bioeconomy Summit comes at a pivotal time for the sector, bringing all the key stakeholders from across the island (Ireland) together. The theme “Connecting the Bioeconomy” will create much debate and will be thought provoking, informative and inspiring.

The event is supported by the Small Firms Association and the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation. The Summit is held at the start of ‘Bioeconomy Ireland Week’.

There will be 20 speakers. One of them is Luuk van der Wielen, distinguished professor for biobased economy of TU Delft, the Netherlands, director of the Bernal Institute and chair of Biosystems Engineering & Design, University of Limerick. CBE JU Project Officer Chloe Johnson will give the presentation “The new CBE JU partnership and the achievements of its Predecessor”.

See the event website for more information.

Image: MNStudio/Shutterstock