Market for specific applications

The basic material is Bioframe, developed by the construction and infrastructure company BG&M. The material, made…

Lucien Joppen


An eye to the future

1. The Biobased Delta must become an international top region in the biobased economy. A nice…

Lucien Joppen


BBI JU: private sector is stepping up

The BBI JU was created with the aim of acting as a catalyst for the development…

Lucien Joppen


Underground value key issue

Soil quality is determined by a combination of chemical, physical and biological factors. Lemmens: ‘It is…

Lucien Joppen


More sustainable yarns for carpet and textile

The sector association Modint, the AMIBM and Chill (Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs) have joined forces…

Lucien Joppen


Joint forces needed

For Patrick Schiffers, CEO of Synvina (joint-venture between BASF and Avantium), bringing PEF and its precursor…

Lucien Joppen


Pretreatment as essential intermediate step

Speaking with us are Saskia Goetgeluk, new CEO of Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo as of 1…

Lucien Joppen



ABN AMRO, the initiator, has stuck its neck out with Circl, which is located in the…

Lucien Joppen


Gaining a foothold

Speaking of which – what are we actually talking about? Home – or household – care…

Lucien Joppen


Master of Biobased Materials: passion and drive

The Master course developed by Maastricht University, a multidisciplinary two-year programme, started at the end of…

Lucien Joppen


The need for a uniform ‘yardstick’

‘Biomass is under the magnifying glass,’ according to Yvonne van der Meer, associate professor of Biobased…

Lucien Joppen


Vertoro at Brightlands Chemelot: Scaling up lignin crude

Vertoro evolved from the InSciTe project Lignin Riches, where Boot was project leader. ‘The aim of…

Lucien Joppen


Distinction based on functionality

But biobased biomedical materials are not new. Linen and cotton have been used for bandages for…

Lucien Joppen


Connection with added value

Dennis van der Pas (REWIN West-Brabant) has been managing the above project since 2015. The end…

Lucien Joppen


From straight producer to supply chain player

Willem van der Leegte, president of VDL Groep, represents the third generation in the Van der…

Lucien Joppen


Morssinkhof produces rPET yarns

Mark Ruesink, Production & Innovation director at Morssinkhof Plastics, sees the high quality recycling of fossil…

Lucien Joppen


Broad focus on biopolymers

The environmental impact of plastics has pushed biopolymers to the fore, albeit not always in a…

Lucien Joppen


Role for Province of Limburg in the transition Decisive, proactive but also facilitating

In 2012, exactly five years ago, a number of parties – the Province of Limburg, Greenport…

Lucien Joppen


Cultus Crop: all about the new research centre in Venlo

Cultus Agro Advies (CAA) forms part of the Vitelia cooperative and provides advice to the members…

Lucien Joppen


New eco-friendly coating for boats based on shellfish waste

The protecting layer mainly consist of chitosan, a biological component made from the waste of shellfish,…

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