Agro & Chemie is the media platform for government, businesses, knowledge institutions and intermediary organisations in the biobased and circular economy in the Netherlands and Flanders. This magazine, available as magazine, website and app, focuses on entrepreneurs, policy makers and knowledge workers in the Agro & Chemistry sectors.

Advertising on
Agro & Chemie is the platform for businesses in the biobased economy in the Netherlands and Flanders. Advertise here and you will reach entrepreneurs, policy makers and knowledge workers in the Agro and Chemical sectors. We have various positions available on our website to highlight your product or service and effectively reach your target group. Advertising in Agro & Chemie can therefore bring you many advantages. Why?
• We make magazines, websites and apps (content) which add value for our target group.
• Agro & Chemie has great commitment among its readers.
• We are able to create maximum reach for each medium.
• For us, the advertiser is at least as important as the reader.
• We not only support the publisher but also the advertiser.

Want to know more about an advertisement in Agro & Chemistry?
You can always contact our Commercial manager Etienne Victoria on 06 23 40 10 62.

Available positions
• Leader board banner on the homepage, see here.
• Big banner in the news overview, see here.
• Leader board banner in the entire news section
• Leader board banner in the entire articles section
• Small banner in the entire website, e.g. here, here and on the right of the page.

Delivery specifications
Please submit an ad as specified below:

  1. Afbeelding
    1. 1.728 x 90 pixels leaderboard on the home page, product page and news section
    2. 740 x 187 pixels large banner on the news page
    3. 208 x 82 pixels small banner on the entire website
  2. URL predestination
  3. URL for display (visual)
  4. ALT tekst

Submit images in JPG, PNG or POISON and RGB color space.
Additional images can be delivered in 2x density.