About Agro & Chemistry

Agro & Chemistry is the media platform for government, businesses, knowledge institutions and intermediary organisations in the biobased and circular economy in the Netherlands and Flanders, with particular attention for the European context of developments in these areas. The editors offer plenty of scope for information exchange, knowledge transfer and discussion about the potential of biobased and circular.

Agro & Chemistry focuses on entrepreneurs, policy makers and knowledge workers in the primary sector, chemistry and associated sectors. The platform has two important objectives:

  • highlight the biobased agendas of leading companies, government bodies and knowledge institutions
  • stimulate cross-sectoral meetings and cooperation between chemistry and agro, being aware of the interfaces with logistics, energy and other sectors.

Agro & Chemie magazine, website and apps
The Agro & Chemistry magazine is published 4 times a year in controlled circulation to individual board members and top managers in companies, public bodies and knowledge institutions, and offered to politicians and policy makers involved with this subject at European, national and provincial level. Besides the website and the magazine, Agro & Chemistry is also available as an app for iOS and Android.
◦ Download here the iOS version of Agro & Chemie
◦ Download here the Android version of Agro & Chemie

Because the editors expressly wish to keep knowledge and policy in balance with practice, application and valorisation (best practices), there is a focus on both the top of each sector and SMEs in a wider sense.

Agro & Chemie is published by Performis BV in cooperation with these partners.